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10 tips to keep your home safe while traveling this holiday season.

If you are planning a trip to visit loved ones this holiday season, or simply “Getting away from it all” you may find these 10 Tips helpful with keeping your home safe while you’re out of town.

10. Suspend mail and newspaper delivery

Don’t let the mailbox overflow or newspapers pile up. These are sure signs your home may be lacking its owners. Sign up online to have the USPS hold mail at your local post office for free for 30 days. On a longer trip, consider forwarding mail to your “away” location if possible.

9. Keep valuables out of sight

Close the blinds or curtains in rooms with large electronics, such as TVs and home entertainment components. Put gaming consoles, handheld devices, credit cards, cash, or jewelry in unassuming boxes inside a closet or places least likely to be searched. If you have a non-movable safe, even better. Movable safes can be carried away (maybe not such a safe–safe).

8. Make your home looks like you never left

When at home lights turn on and off and cars come and go. When away, everything stops. To make it appear that business is being conducted as usual, invest in light timers that simulate normal home life. Do the same for decorative holiday lighting. Also, ask a neighbor to take out the garbage and put the bins back after pickup. If you really trust them, ask to have your cars moved every few days.

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