Hi. It’s Dave.

To be more precise, David A. Lopez, Founder of Harbor Home Technology and David A. Lopez Mixing and Mastering, proud father of two amazing daughters and husband to a beautiful and supporting wife.

Thanks for stopping by.

So glad you’re here.

But why are you here?

Most likely you arrived by some form of social media link like Nextdoor.com or Facebook, or Linked In or Google or some other app. Or maybe even word-of-mouth.

Hopefully word-of-mouth. 🙂

Since this is an About page let me start with a little background then get into what I do.


Having spent over a decade as a tech-junkie in the Music Industry I found my passion for helping people discover how to get the most from their music equipment. Whether it was a guitar amp or stereo system, my mission was to get the best possible sound from a box of electronics.

Which led me to video.

During that time I worked on quite a few film and television music scores so I had to learn a thing or two about video. I loved it almost immediately. Which pushed me into shooting music videos then video editing.


From there I studied and received a degree in electronics engineering and computer technology that helped land an IT position at the largest advertising conglomerate in the world.

I spent 20 years there. Growing from an entry level system support engineer to Director of Web Applications Development.

It was a blast! The early years were so much fun.

But alas, all good things must come to an end.

I still had passion for technology, but the company became very sterile.

Then I was blessed with what most people consider to be the end of it all. I was included in a massive round of layoffs.


“Whatever you think, think the opposite… You are the person you chose to be.”

– Paul Arden

As I began to pursue other opportunities in the same field and industry I thought to my self…

“What are you doing? Do you really want to live a complacent life on yet another hamster wheel? Hell no!”

So I decided to combine my many years of experience in Audio/Video and Technology to take a leap of faith and go it alone in Residential A/V, with an emphasis on developing Smart Homes.

The Future is Here Now

Alexa and Siri and Google are everywhere. They have been for years.

They’re on your desktop and your phone. In your car and now your home.

This is where modern living is heading.

Smart Homes are coming on faster than the internet became a thing.

But homes won’t only be smart, though. They’ll be brilliant.

I know this seems ridiculous, and at the moment unnecessary, but what if your stove communicated with the dishwasher to let it know that this dinner will produce more dishes than usual so be prepared with extra detergent and a slightly longer run-time?

Your dishwasher will then set itself to use only one more ounce of detergent, not the five you were thinking of putting in. And it’s aware it only needs three additional minutes of run-time, not the twenty minutes you were going to tap in.

The costs savings alone make this shift very attractive.

It sounds very “Jetsons” doesn’t it?

Well it’s already here.

The only difference is that Rosie’s name is now Alexa, or Siri or Google, and the robot has gone from a hunk of metal on wheels to a puck sized device that’s happy to serve.

For some people this can be a little frightening. Not to mention daunting if you tend to shy away from technology. But it doesn’t have to be.

You know why?

Because there are guys like me!

This stuff thrills me.

I can’t wait to get up in the morning and try something new that will help make lives simpler.

It’s exhilarating!

And that’s why we’re here.

How we can help

We provide solutions that make your life easier. We assist in your transition from a house filled with static devices that don’t communicate to a home that is not only smart, but will also learn your behaviors and adjust to your needs.

Our Specialties

Here’s what we can help with…

  • Home Entertainment System Design (Audio & Video)
  • Smart TV Installation (mounting and wifi configuration)
  • Automated Lighting (atmospheric and security)
  • Home Networking (router configuration for optimized streaming)
  • Video Doorbells (know who’s there before they ring)
  • Video Surveillance (exterior and interior)
  • Connecting all of the above to your tablet or mobile device
  • Plus a whole lot more

I’m currently working on creating a package that will help my clients “Cut The Cord”. It was the #1 request I received last year so I’m looking to have something to show very soon.

I’ll keep you posted.

If you’d like to get in touch before that please reach out to me through my Contact page. It’s free, easy and absolutely painless.

Talk soon!